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May 28,  · YNN-TX firmware Aug 1, I’d like to try the firmware but I’m seeing some people say it causes other problems. Does anyone know, if after you do the update, will the software allow you to flash on the older firmware? — hide signature –I’m a photo hacker. I use my expensive equipment to destroy anything in front of my. Yongnuo YNN-TX also adds a USB port for firmware upgrades, which is major advantage over the first version of YNN triggers. The improved YNN-TX also enhances stability, as well as improving information transmission speeds. YNN-TX looks exactly as you would expect it to look like. Feb 06,  · The new Yongnuo YNN-TX flash controller just was released and I immediately ordered one. Already owning four of their YNN transceivers, and four Nikon SB flashes, it was a no-brainer. Up until now, I have been using a Nikon SU flash controller mounted on top of a YNN to accomplish TTL radio control over my Nikon SB flashes.


Yn 622n tx firmware.Updating the firmware on the Yonquo and n-TX – Page 2

Jun 08,  · I cannot get the Yongnuo YNN-TX controller to work properly with the Yongnuo YNN flash unit in manual mode (haven’t tried TTL mode yet). Coming from a Yongnuo YNTX controller and Yongnuo YNIV flash units (which are manual-only) combination, I want to get the YNN-TX and YNN combination working in manual mode as well. Apr 02,  · Re: Updating the firmware on the Yonquo and n-TX Hi everyone, I have just tried to update the Yongnou YN n TX Controller from to and it failed to do so even using the process correctly. Use the YNN transceiver for wireless transmitting, the Ÿ YNN-TX controller as the shutter signal output. 1).Install the YNN-TX controller on the camera’s hot shoe, and use LS series shutter connecting cable (may additional purchases) to connect the controller and camera.
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YN-622N-TX firmware
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Epson: OLED print head

OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are usually associated exclusively with displays. However, the use of this technology is not limited to this area only.

Today’s electrophotographic printing technologies used in printers and copiers use lasers and LEDs as light sources. Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”), in partnership with Sumitomo Chemical Co., developed the world’s first print head using high brightness OLED (a super bright OLED). Prototype printers with such heads deliver print quality comparable to or better than laser printers, the company says. The next picture shows a prototype of the new head, but only the OLED matrix is ​​visible:

The main advantage of OLED technology is, of course, compactness. This allows you to create small printheads with extremely low thickness. In addition, the company plans to “cross” OLED with low-temperature technology for creating polysilicone (HTPS) TFT matrices. This will make it possible not only to increase the print resolution, but also to reduce the cost of producing heads. The company does not say about more or less specific terms when we will get cheap and fast high-resolution printers.

Source: Seiko Epson Corporation

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