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Mar 16,  · The TEAC HD-1 HD Radio has a built in iPod dock, and has HD radio which will provide excellent sound and new content through HD Radio programming. It also . Teac HD-1 – clock radio with Apple Dock cradle overview and full product specs on CNET. Jun 03,  · This is about the TEAC HD radio. This is a very good radio!!


Teac hd-1.TEAC HD-1 AM/FM/HD Radio with iPod®/iPhone® dock at Crutchfield

TEAC HD-1 AM/FM/HD Radio w/ iPod/iPhone dock iPod Dock Works All Other Untested. Condition is “Used”. I have tested the iPod dark on this and that you are. I am unsure how to set the clock and do all the other things and honestly don’t have time to mess with it so the rest of it is being sold as untested as is. I’m sure this is a great little radio for anyone who would like it I just can End date: Jan 23, Teac HD-1 – clock radio with Apple Dock cradle overview and full product specs on CNET. Jun 22,  · HD receivers are relatively inexpensive, with some starting as low as $ The TEAC HD-1 I tested currently retails for $99 at Costco. When I first turned on the TEAC HD-1, .
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Teac HD-1 HD Radio
Teac HD-1 – clock radio with Apple Dock cradle Specs
AM/FM/HD Radio with iPod®/iPhone® dock
Teac HD-1 – clock radio with Apple Dock cradle Specs – CNET
Kaspersky Virus Activity Review – September 2021

Kaspersky Lab offers you an overview of virus activity for September 2021.

The all-out attack of the Mytob worms in September suddenly gave way to a relative calm. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. First, this is the discovery in August 2021 of another vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (in the Plug?n?Play) MS05-039, which instantly changed the vector of application of virus writers’ efforts towards network worms, rather than mail worms, which traditionally served as objects of consideration for the G20. Secondly, the aforementioned Mytob attack attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies, resulting in the arrest in Morocco and Turkey of two young people who are accused of creating worms of the Mytob family. The investigation will show whether they are the true authors of the program, but already now we can state the fact that in September, after the arrest, the number of new variants of Mytob decreased quite significantly, although not to zero.

Against this background, the main event of the September twenty happened – the change of the leader. Contrary to all expectations and logic, it was Zafi.d. This worm was first discovered in October 2021 and was already in the lead in the charts of December 2021 — January 2021. Then it gradually decreased its indicators and in August 2021 only occupied 6% of the total viral traffic. The September growth by 3 positions to 11% became the “second birth” of the virus and demonstrated that this Hungarian worm is not going to give up positions.

The third place was kept by another member of the Zafi family – Zafi.b. It may have something to do with the discovery of a brand new Zafi worm.e at the end of September. Specialists did not register new representatives of this group of malicious software for almost a year, and now, unexpectedly, the family was replenished. With a high degree of probability, one can expect that Zafi.e will soon become a traditional participant in Kaspersky Lab virus reports.

The situation around the most widespread and dangerous family of worms of the last year – NetSky. This summer, they fought a very bitter war against the Mytob worms for a share of their mail traffic, and they seem to have lost it. The current performance of last year’s leader NetSky.q – 8th place, 2.99%, minus 6 positions per month – indicate that a break is coming in the viral top twenty and, despite the fifth place, another representative of NetSky – the variant .b, this clan may soon leave the top ten.

Continues to amaze LovGate.w: 2021 – stable indicators within ten, 2021 – falling to 15th place in July and the expectation of complete disappearance, but it turned out the other way around. August – 8th place, September – already fourth. But besides him, there was another LovGate in the top twenty – .ae, who, no one knows how, got into the list of September “returnees”, where, in addition to him, there are one more NetSky and two Mytob.

The family of the latter is in rotation of its composition. Almost all of the options that hit the top twenty in the last couple of months have increased their share of presence. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of options that appeared in the rating at the beginning of summer or this spring are decreasing their indicators. Only the position of Mytob remains relatively stable.c and here is Mytob.q begins to climb close to the top of the viral charts.

In general, of course, the Mytob clan retains a dominant position and occupies more than half of all lines in the top twenty – 11 places.

More than two dozen new variants of the Bagle worm were discovered in September. On some days, they caused significant anxiety to antivirus companies, appearing in batches of 5-6 variants in just a couple of hours. It would seem that such activity and the “success” of worms of this family in the past should have been reflected in the September hit parade. However, this did not happen. It is difficult to determine the true reason for such a decrease in the rate of distribution. There can be many of them: the prompt response of antivirus companies that extinguished the epidemic in its inception stage, and the attentiveness of users who did not launch copies of the worm sent to them, and errors in its code, due to which it might not work on some systems. Most likely, a combination of all the above factors erected the barrier on the way of Bagle’s victorious march. However, you should not relax your attention, since the authors of this worm are known for their propensity to regularly organize such short-term epidemics.

Other malicious programs present in mail traffic accounted for a significant percentage (16.69) of the total number of intercepted ones, which indicates a fairly large number of other worms and Trojans belonging to other families.

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