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Dec 14,  · T Balkans on Fire uses a powerful and stunning 3D and physics engine to produce state of the art effects and realism. Below is a lost of some of what awaits you inside! Genres: Action. Jun 23,  · None. T Balkans on Fire! Review 4/26/ By Neal. In the short history of computer tank simulations we’ve had basically two types: WWII and modern era tanksims. Lately we haven’t had any new serious sims to speak of, which makes T Balkans of Fire! (published by Battlefront, Developer: IDDK/Crazy House) a double blessing. It’s strives to be a simulation and it heralds a new front: Eastern Europe.


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Jul 13,  · A trailer I made for T Balkans on Fire back in A game that could have been so much more. T Balkans On Fire. 55 likes. T Balkans On Fire is an exceptionally realistic tank simulator developed by IDDK and Crazy House. The game is Followers: T Balkans on Fire! uses a powerful and stunning 3D environmental and physics engine to produce state of the art effects and realism. Three types of playable tanks modeled: T, TA and TB. Control individual crew stations (commander, gunner or driver).
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