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Jan 07,  · Red Alert 2 Map Editor – A Modding Tool for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge. Red Alert 2 Map Editor. The latest version of Westwood’ds powerfull map editor for Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge. The new version has corrected many bugs found in the original release. With this program you can create your own maps for future battles Reviews: 1. Author: Matthias “Matze” Wagner. Purpose: Map editor. Download fa2yrzip ( MB) The latest version of the semi-official map editor for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. While v was the final official version endorsed by Westwood, this release can read ecache (md)##.mix files, which makes the editor more compatible with mods. Game C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge. Rating. ★ Watchlist. – Download. Vice City by Xrtist. Vice City by Xrtist A gigantic map for all types of war. Name: Vice City by Xrtist Editor: Final Alert 2 Created: Size: x Players: 2 – 8 Place map in your RA2/YR Directory, load up the game and look for the map name. E N J O Y! Vice.


Ra2 map editor download.Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Map Editor Download

To install Red Alert 2/Yuri’s Revenge maps that you’ve downloaded, extract them into the folder where you have RA2 installed. Create Your Own Maps You can create your own maps for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge by using the Final Alert 2 map editor, originally developed by Matthias Wagner. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Map Editor comes as an accessible and easy to use tool that enables you to create your own custom maps. It displays a user-friendly interface and provides everything you need to build a unique map. All the building . Since Red Alert 2’s much anticipated release, the Westwood team has kept up its commitment to the community by releasing multi-player maps every week, challenging RA2 fiends to find new strategies and tactics for online play. Westwood’s free beta map editor lets you break out the toolbox and create your own maps for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Map Editor Beta 1
How to make RA2 & YR maps – Final Alert 2 Tutorial – RA2/YR Maps – CnCNet Community Forums

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Flat panel TV market ahead of the New Year

Our colleagues from Taiwan analyzed the dynamics of flat-panel TV sales in Japan, the USA and in their home market.

In Japan, the New Year’s bonus in most companies will be 4-9 thousand this year. Doll., and every fifth plans to spend it on an LCD TV. The next most popular are the desktop computer, DVD player and laptop. As gifts for the holidays, MP3 players (35%) and LCD TVs take the first place, and with about the same share – 19%, there are also plasma panels, in 10th place with 4%. Also on the list are many cameras. The popularity of various diagonals is quite interesting – the price matters. Although typical room sizes in Japan are small.


32 “


37 “


40 “-42”


45 “-47”


57 “and more


In the last week of October, 22% in the most popular segment were 2 models from Sharp 32GD7 and LC-32AD5. They represent a resolution of 1366×768, or 720p, have a brightness of 450 cd / m2? and 170 ° viewing angles. The company announced that it will cease production of “semi-HDTV” models from next year, and all its TVs will be rated at 1920×1080.

The same resolution with 42 “-50” diagonal was announced next year by the main PDP manufacturers Panasonic and Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display (FHP).

In the United States, flat-panel TV sales rose 15% in October, segment profitability rose 18%, while the average selling price rose 3% to $ 2,840. due to the shift in interest to the 50 “-55” segment, against the background of a general decline in prices for all diagonals of all production technologies. Sub-HDTV receivers currently account for 10% of the market, up from 30% at the beginning of the year.

Pioneer won 17% of the market, which is 2 times more than September, due to the PRO-1130 HD model. But the Sony 40 “Bravia LCD TV KDL-V40XBR1 model became the absolute leader in sales and brought the company to the 2nd place.

In Taiwan, the range of offerings in the 40 “-42” segment is expanding. Local Top Powersonic entered the market with a 42 ”HD-4211S priced at $ 2,400., at a resolution of 1366×768, brightness 500 cd / m2?, contrast 1000: 1 and viewing angles 176 °. Prior to that, the minimum price was requested by the local Kolin and Sampo – $ 3,000., and hi-end from LG costs 5,700. 40 ”Sony models sell for $ 4,200., and ViewSonic for $ 2,410.

Meanwhile, in the PDP sector, Panasonic offers the TH-42PM50, with a resolution of only 852×480, but 4000: 1 contrast for $ 3,000., the price of a panel from Hitachi is slightly higher, and local manufacturers ask from 1,600 (Tatung) to 2,300 (Sampo). Against the background of the price of PDP from Pioneer and Samsung from 5 thousand dollars.

And AUO is increasing the production of 32 “and 37” panels at its 6th generation factory. From the plate, 8 or 6 finished products are obtained, respectively. Now produced 60 thousand. plates per month, by the end of next year it is planned to produce up to 120 thousand. The average price of a 37 ”panel (presented in May, resolution 1920×1080) is about $ 800. The joint venture between Sony and Samsung plans to focus on 40 “diagonals, the average panel price is $ 950. and 46 “, which are produced at the 7th generation factory, now up to 15 thousand. plates per month, and by the middle of next year up to 75 thousand. plates per month. In addition, next year, a 7th generation Samsung factory with a capacity of up to 90 thousand. plates per month. Despite this expansion of production, companies are not planning hard price wars.

This year, the forecast for LCD TV sales in Taiwan is 220-250 thousand. pieces, compared to 96 thousand. PC., sold last year. PDP sales will also roughly double to 60,000. PC. Share 32 ”accounted for 70% of all sales in the 3rd quarter, compared to 45% in the previous quarter. The average price of this diagonal made in Taiwan decreased by 10% to $ 1000., and global manufacturers by 20-30%, up to 1,500-1,900 dollars. Next year, sales on the island are planned for 450-500 thousand. LCD TV, for the first time in quantitative terms more than based on cathode tubes.

It can be summed up as growing demand against the background of leapfrog prices, sometimes poorly amenable to logical explanation. Source – DigiTimes compiled material based on the analysis of a large number of publications.

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