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Fixes the insecure timestamp password vulnerability, PSV () Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. EASA AD No.: © European Aviation Safety Agency. All rights reserved. ISO Certified. Fixed the security issue PSV Fixed the security issue PSV ().


Psv-2016-0254.NETGEAR Product Security | NETGEAR

NETGEAR D Nighthawk X8 Router NETGEAR has rolled out a new firmware package developed for its D Nighthawk X8 Router, namely version , which manages to fix PSV, Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs. EASA AD No.: © European Aviation Safety Agency. All rights reserved. ISO Certified. Säkerhetstips angående sårbarheten med osäkra lösenord för tidsstämplar, PSV Was this article helpful? Yes No. Det här säkerhetstipset tar upp följande CVE-sårbarhet: CVE NETGEAR känner till det säkerhetsproblem som gör att en angripare kan få reda på administratörslösenordet för routern’ genom att.
Security Advisory for Insecure Timestamp Password Vulnerability, PSV-2016-0254
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Download Firmware for NETGEAR’s D Nighthawk X8 Router
Case Details for 16-0254
NETGEAR Product Security
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Email clients and filters: a trainable anti-spam plugin for The Bat! – Agava Spamprotexx

Agava has started selling a trainable antispam plug-in for the mail client “The Bat!”developed on the basis of the AGAVA Spamprotexx spam filter. The program was created with the participation of Ritlabs and is sold to users of “The Bat!”at a special price – $ 8.

The advantages of this plugin for the user “The Bat!”:

  • the plugin uses the built-in mechanisms “TheBat!”to access your incoming mail. Works faster and more convenient to use due to tight integration with the mail client;
  • configurable from the mail client interface;
  • training is carried out using the TheBat menu items! Specials – Mark As Junk, Mark As Not Junk.

All additional information is available on the developer’s website. There you can also download the 30-day free plugin.

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