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Mar 22,  · Now all you need to do is paste (shortcut CTRL+V) the three files there. You’re done! Restart if you have it open already. **3. Exporting** At the bottom of the “Save as Type:” dropdown, You can’t just hit “Save” and call it a day. You have modify HOW it is s: 8. Apr 20,  · Photoshop and plugins – A Modding Tool for Source Engine. Photoshop and plugins. These plugins file support for both Photoshop and for easier access, editing, and export. NOTE: Apparently this doesn’t work in PS so idk:|. MrTektite Joined 1mo ago. s: VTF Plugin. plugin for creating VTF files. Sprite Fixer. Make some simple changes to Sprites. Sprite Explorer. Explore the contents files. TGA Tool. Simple Interface program to allow the easy editing of the 24 bit Bmp & 32 bit Targas. VTF ted Reading Time: 50 secs.


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Mar 10,  · VTF Plug-In is a 32 bit/64 bit file format plug-in for file format. It is a simple plug-in that supports single-frame/multiple-frame, 3 or 4 files in any format. It is designed for creation and viewing and does not . Mar 27,  · The Adobe Photoshop VTF Plug-In allows you to open and save single-frame/single-face 2D textures directly from Photoshop without the need to convert them to an intermediate format such as a TGA file. Multi-frame/multi-face/3D textures can also be opened, however, only the first frame/face/layer will be accessible. Mar 22,  · Now all you need to do is paste (shortcut CTRL+V) the three files there. You’re done! Restart if you have it open already. **3. Exporting** At the bottom of the “Save as Type:” dropdown, You can’t just hit “Save” and call it a day. You have modify HOW it is s: 8.

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New version of ABBYY FineReader Bank 6.0

The Russian company ABBYY releases a new version of the banking document processing system – ABBYY FineReader Bank 6.0. The technological core of recognition has been significantly improved, the ability to verify the signature and seal, a security service station and a number of other useful features have been added.

ABBYY FineReader Bank 6.0 is a modern highly efficient system for automatic input of payment documents and many other documents into banking information systems. Maximum productivity from 1000 (single operator) to several million forms per day. In the sixth version, thanks to the new technological core, the recognition accuracy is increased, strict control over the data entry process is provided, archiving of document images, export to XML format and other important functions is supported.

New features of ABBYY FineReader Bank 6.0:

Modular structure. When creating a complex for entering forms and documents based on FineReader Bank, you can use any required number of workstations of each type. This approach to building the system allows you to optimize acquisition costs. In addition, the modular structure allows for centralized administration and information security. Moreover, the entire set of data entry operations can be built on the basis of one system.

Types of FineReaderBank workstations:

  • payment document input station (with or without scanning function);
  • scanning station;
  • form input station;
  • controller station;
  • security station;
  • administrator station.

Verification of the authenticity of signatures and seals. Check the signature and seal on payment documents before accepting them! The operator simultaneously sees on the screen both the signature and the seal on the current document, as well as their reference images. Such electronic standards allow you to process client documents at any workplace, without being tied to a specific operator.

Electronic archive of originals. All images of exported documents remain in the archive. Any of them is easy to find and print – both for the operator and for security personnel.

  • Entering any documents. Now FineReader Bank can enter customer applications, questionnaires, notifications, etc.d. On the basis of one system in your bank, you can build the input of all documents!
  • All operator actions are under control. The system monitors and records all actions of operators and controllers. The controller or security officer of the bank can view this information at any time. This will allow you to track violations (editing of any fields) when working with payment documents.
  • Entering all documents in a single stream. The new version allows you to process all documents in a single stream, without preliminary sorting. The document type is automatically determined by the system.
  • Controller station. The task of the controller is to check the legality of the corrections made by the operator. ABBYY FineReader Bank 6.0 all fields in which the data was corrected are highlighted. The document that has not passed the control will be returned to the operator, and the confirmed data will be exported to the ABS.
  • Terminal server support. FineReader Bank 6.0 supports remote work via a terminal server. Now the head office and regional branches of the bank can use a unified document processing system. This allows you to optimize the costs of purchasing licenses, makes it possible to use any computers at the operator’s workplaces, simplifies system administration.
  • Export to XML. There is a new export format – XML. It is used as an export standard by many information systems. Moreover, it is planned to make XML the main format for the exchange of electronic documents within the banking system.

    ABBYY hopes that all these innovations will help make the document entry process faster, more efficient and safer!

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