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How to View CDR file in Photoshop App? The excellent program to open CDR files in Photoshop is the CDR Converter. It is a useful qualitative solution to see all the images and vector graphics of a CDR file. The utility has no limitations and can open CorelDRAW CDR files in Photoshop editions. The functionality of the tool is direct and simple. May 13,  · I downloaded and installed BitRecover JFIF to JPG converter software and converted few of my JFIF images to JPG file. And to my amazement, it worked. I am able to open same converted images in Adobe Photoshop without any errors or issues. Its the default behavior of WhatsApp Web that it saves all images Now if you need to open these images in your favorite image editing . We are using Adobe Photoshop on a Mac to output JPEG image files. These image files need to be rendered on an embedded output device that we have no control over. It seems that the files output by Photoshop use the Exif header format, whereas the embedded device only understands the JFIF header format. According to Wikipedia.


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As with all JIF compliant files, image data in JFIF files is compressed using the techniques in the JPEG standard, hence JFIF is sometimes referred to as “JPEG/JFIF”. Photoshop files have default file extension , which stands for “Photoshop Document.” A PSD file stores an image with support for most imaging options available in Photoshop. Jul 27,  · Click Open. Click the Open drop-down (above the tool box). The Open drop-down is a list of recently opened files. Drag an image from a folder on your computer or storage device, and drop it in the Editor. In the dialog box that appears, set format-specific options, and continue opening the file. Open JFIF Files. JFIF stands for JPEG File Interchange Format and it represents a graphic file format based on JPEG compression. It was created to facilitate exchanging JPEG encoded files.
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What is a JFIF file?
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JPEG File Interchange Format
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First tests of NVIDIA GeForce 7900

There are still two days before the official announcement of the NVIDIA GeForce 7900 line, and sources are already publishing data on the performance of video cards based on the new 90nm core, 7900GTX and 7900GT.

In particular, the DailyTech website published the results obtained in the last three versions of the popular 3DMark gaming test. They were received on a system with the following configuration:

  • processor: Athlon 64 FX-55;
  • RAM 1 GB DDR 400 (2 x 512 MB);
  • motherboard based on nForce4 chipset.

Tests were performed at 1280 x 1024 pixels with ForceWare 84 driver installed.12. Both tested cards, GeForce 7900GTX, 512 MB, and GeForce 7900GT, 256 MB, had memory with 1.2 ns access time, but it operated at 1600 and 1300 MHz, respectively. The core of the tested cards worked at 650 MHz for 7900GTX and 450 MHz for 7900GT.

The results shown by GeForce 7900GTX are as follows:

  • 3dmark 03: 17800;
  • 3dmark 05: 7600;
  • 3dmark 06: 5200.

The results of the GeForce 7900GT are predictably more modest:

  • 3dmark 03: 13800;
  • 3dmark 05: 7000;
  • 3dmark 06: 4550.

If you have a desire to compare the performance of new NVIDIA products with already sold video cards, you can always do this using our monthly 3Digest.

Source: DailyTech

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