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Nov 07,  · Get your Nexus 9 from amazon through the link below: =as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=&creative=&creativeASIN. Oct 27,  · Nexus 9 vs. NVIDIA Shield Tablet Spec Shootout. Sean P. Aune. 0 The Nexus 9 is due to arrive to users next week as the first device Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Jan 18,  · Well, I got my Nvidia Shield K1 last night from Best Buy. Pretty nice! Haven’t fully put it through the paces yet, but thought I’d post some initial impressions and how it compares to my Google Nexus 9. I’m more of an Apple guy, but like the Android tablets due to the fact that I am a Clash of Clans addict and it’s much easier to manage multiple accounts on Android OS.


Nexus 9 vs nvidia shield.Nexus 9 vs. NVIDIA Shield Tablet Spec Shootout | TechnoBuffalo

The Nexus 9 also seems to take a bit of time to cool off after being under heavy load. The NVidia Shield tablet remain just warm and cools off faster. One of the more intense video filters that really works the GPU and such is the kuwahara filter. May 03,  · The K1 in the Nexus 9 is different from the version that’s available in the Nvidia Shield. First, The K1 in the Shield is basically an off the the shelf 4 core ARM Cortex-A15 and is only 32bit, project codename Logan. The K1 in the Nexus 9 however is a custom 2 core ARM v8-A 64 bit that was designed in house at Nvidia, project codename Denver. Dec 05,  · Recommended: “Graphene Coated EOZ Air True Wireless Earbuds | Best buds in the Galaxy?” ?v=1HpRbW2y77M –~– We compare two of t.
Nexus 9 or Nvidia shield tab?
Why is Google Nexus 9 better than Nvidia Shield Tablet?
Nexus 9 or Nvidia shield tab? – NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet | Android Forums
Nexus 9 vs. NVIDIA Shield Tablet Spec Shootout
Why is Nvidia Shield Tablet better than Google Nexus 9?
Creative admits X-Fi and nForce4 owners face challenges and offers a solution

Owners of the recently announced Creative Labs X-Fi sound cards trying to use them with motherboards based on the nForce4 chipset may encounter problems.

The situation was clarified by a company representative, who published a message on the Creative Labs technical support forum, the meaning of which boils down to the following:

The problem occurs when a system based on the nForce4 chipset tries to set the configuration and add information about boards with 2 MB of memory to the registry. Thus, this applies to X-Fi XtremeMusic and X-Fi Platinum boards. As a result, the following symptoms can be observed:

  • The system freezes or does not boot;
  • The system adds several “Unknown PCI Device” entries to the device list and shows a “blue screen of death” (BSOD);
  • The system constantly reboots (if the Automatically Restart item is selected in the system settings).

Several motherboard manufacturers have already acknowledged the defect and have released updated BIOS versions that fix it. Owners of systems for which a BIOS update is not available can use another solution: exchange the X-Fi card for another one with the corrected “firmware”. To do this, you need to contact Creative Labs technical support.

Sources: AMD Zone, Creative Labs

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