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LIKE on Facebook: on Twitter: League of Legends: o. League of Legends Double IP, Bonus RP Weekend Incoming [HD] Ready to play some League of Legends this weekend? I hope so, because on Saturday Janurary 26th a. The “double bonus RP” promo was pushed back by a week, should be running the first week of July, starting afternoon-ish PST (at least, that’s what’s on my calendar. I’m the one that’s gotta flip all those switches to start it lol).


Lol bonus rp 2015.League of Legends – Garena

LIKE on Facebook: on Twitter: League of Legends: o. The Refer-A-Friend program was the reward system Riot Games Inc. created to motivate players to recruit friends for the game. On Apr, Refer A Friend was released.1 Referrals can be accumulated by sending out an email using the form on the referrals page, or with your account’s personalized referral link. Referrals will be accepted from both EU and US; it does . Jul 07,  · NA players pay $ for 17, RP, while players in LAN would pay $80 for the same amount of RP. Before the price changes, League of Legends is running a promotion on its in-game store. Players that buy RP before July 15, PM PDT will receive double extra bonus RP. Buying the RP bundle grants bonus RP, and so ted Reading Time: 1 min.

Price and Purchasing changes:
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