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Nov 08,  · Updated Nov 8, , pm IST The smartphone was able to withstand staying in water for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter showing no signs of damage. The device Author: Deccan Chronicle. Jan 07,  · Take your iPhone out of its case to make sure it’s totally dry. If your iPhone is in a case, water might have gotten trapped when you dropped it. Remove the case and any other accessories from your iPhone, including your screen protector. Dry off your bare iPhone by wiping it with a lint-free cloth. Washed iPhone X in washing machine accidentally.. Question. I’m an idiot. Accidentally ran my phone through the washer for half a cycle. Realized it maybe, 20 minutes after it began. I couldn’t find my phone, then it clicked that that’s where it might be. The floor is soaked, but I found my phone lol.


Iphone in washing machine.iPhone in washing machine – Apple Community

Feb 11,  · Well this idiot Mom washed her son’s, powered on, iphone, in his pants, in the washing machine. The precious phone was rescued by its man-child owner before it ended up in the dryer. Distraughtly he cradled his unresponsive playmate and attempted to revive it with the wall charger. May 16,  · I thought that was one of the methods that could help you get your iPhone back up and running, but if it is done in washing machine, well, I understand if it went through Apple, Barbara washing machine, no, it’s dead, I’m sorry but you’ll have to turn it all in, they will not even be able to turn it on, the phone is ruined forever more, I’m sorry but that’s it. Dec 23,  · Likely why I’ve read that if your device is submersed in liquid (like in the washing machine or coffee, etc.), then you should remove the battery, open it up if you can and rinse the device Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.
it went through the washing machine
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