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May 23,  · Microsoft is now supporting more smartphones to run its latest Windows 10 Mobile preview build. Very recently, the Redmond-based company rolled out build number and promised that it would Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 19,  · There are lots of Windows Phone devices outside the Lumia lineup, but until today just one got the Windows 10 Preview treatment – the HTC One M8 . Jul 10,  · Feb 20, at AM. #1. I did something really dumb even though I was advised not to. I managed to get the Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview on my HTC One M8 for Windows. The OS version that got pushed to it simply is not compatible with .


Htc one m8 windows 10 technical preview.How to upgrade HTC One M8 to Windows 10 – Microsoft Community

Feb 09,  · Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview is almost upon us and now a new report claims that Lumia , Lumia and the HTC One M8 for . Aug 19,  · To hold the HTC One M8 in your hand is to hold a large, thin, metal phone. It’s a good bit taller than, say, the Nokia Lumia , but smaller (and a tad thicker) than the 6-inch Lumia Sep 29,  · Hello, I got a used HTC One M8 with Window Update 2. I’ve been trying with no avail to update this device to Windows 10, and it’s caused me to nearly pull my hair out. After some research, Microsoft DID have an update path for this phone with many people sporting Windows enabled HTC One M8s. For some reason now these phones can’t be updated.
Windows 10 phone preview on HTC 1 M8. can’t install apps or updated error code 0x80240024.
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Windows 10 phone preview on HTC 1 M8. can’t install apps or – Microsoft Community
HTC 8X to reportedly gain access to Windows 10 Preview

HTC 8X to reportedly gain access to Windows 10 Preview – news
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Agnitum Announces Outpost Network Security (ONS) 2 Enterprise Firewall.0, the successor to its small business solution Outpost Office Firewall 1.0.

Built on top of Outpost Firewall Pro’s award-winning personal firewall, ONS 2.0 protects against spyware, network intrusions and confidential information leakage. Multi-layered protection combines powerful packet and application filtering, stealth mode technology, intrusion protection, email attachment filtering, confidential data protection, and ease of use. ONS provides effective, managed security for small businesses and their affiliates with limited information security resources.

Spyware protection

ONS 2.0 includes a powerful anti-spyware engine that combines proactive monitor and spyware scanner to protect networked workstations. Any spyware that has infiltrated the computer, such as the laptop of a sales manager, is strictly controlled. Prevents all attempts to transmit confidential information from the computer while the laptop is connected to the network, as well as infect other computers on the network. Proactive protection protects company assets and reduces the load on the support service, making a significant contribution to the company’s operations. Preventing spyware activities also reduces pop-up ads and other distracting and performance-degrading activities.

Protecting confidential information

ONS 2.0 allows users to specify strings of text or characters, such as passwords, sensitive financial information, or employee information, and prevent this information from being sent off the network.

Centralized management

In small organizations, employees often have different training levels and, therefore, different user groups need different security settings. Control over user security is nearly impossible without a centralized approach. Outpost Network Security 2.0 gives administrators the ability to centrally distribute and update protection of workstations from a single console remotely.

Flexible configuration for different user groups

Adding support for user groups gives administrators additional flexibility in managing the security of their workstations by allowing them to assign different configurations and network access policies to different user groups based on their vulnerability level. For example, salespeople’s laptops require more security than finance’s computers.

More powerful firewall

Outpost Firewall Pro has long been the market leader in information security software. ONS 2.0 is based on Outpost Firewall Pro 3.5, enabling it to provide reliable, high-performance and easy-to-use protection against known and unknown network attacks, fraudulent network access and other actions aimed at disrupting the network.

Prices and availability

Price for ONS 2.0 remains the same – from 1200 for each user for the first year of use, including all updates and new versions. The product can be purchased starting March 21, 2021 through Agnitum’s official suppliers or directly on the company’s website. Registered Outpost Office Firewall users with a valid license can upgrade to ONS 2.0 free.

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