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How to downsample in Dark Souls 2.How do I install the GeDoSaTo Mod? :: DARK SOULS™ II General Discussions


Apr 26,  · GeDoSaTo DS2E Alpha 5 – A Modding Tool for Dark Souls 2. GeDoSaTo DS2E Alpha 5. GeDoSaTo allows for game downsampling without any hardware limitations, and texture modification in any game which uses the default texture loading mechanisms provided by DirectX. It works “out of the box” with Dark Souls 2, allowing for the ridiculous resolution you have seen earlier, without any Reviews: 1. Nov 27,  · In order to activate downsampling in the game, follow these simple instructions: Download the GeDoSaTo tool. Extract the zip file you’ve downloaded to a Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Jul 08,  · Here’s my config for GeDoSaTo and GEM. Thanks again for all those watching our videos and sharing them. Hopefully the mod community will continue to grow for.


How to use gedosato dark souls 2.GeDoSaTo DS2E Alpha 5 [Dark Souls 2] [Modding Tools]

LINK DO MOD GeDoSaTo: #!tdMGALxZ!_vctgioIahMzVJpzVCag1J5-kyiFsbQv5LKGtMStGgU ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ LINKS DOWNLOAD ABAIX. In this video we go over Dark Souls 2 modding on PC. We talk about the major component and then some of the textures available that enhance the experience wi. Aug 24,  · Click the Dark Souls 2 banner in the Projects section. GeDoSaTo Direct Link. make sure to open and set “enablePostprocessing” to false; I made changes to GeDoSaTo’s general settings, bloom and DoF featuring low/high DoF versions. (last compatibility check to GeDoSaTo version from ) LowDoF (drop the files into your GeDoSaTo folder).

GeDoSaTo guide
Dark Souls 2 – PC tweaks, GeDoSaTo guide, optimisation, performance guide •

ATI Xpress 1600 – the new name for the Xpress 200

When buying a new motherboard that will have an ATI Xpress 1600 sticker on the box, don’t be surprised if you think that the Canadian manufacturer has released a new chipset that iXBT did not write In fact – before you is an old familiar Xpress 200.

ATI has decided to change the commercial markings used for its RD480, RD481 and RD482 chipsets. This event was outlined by ATI’s internal plans and was revealed to the public after the release of the RD580 chipset, also known as the Xpress 3200, on March 1 this year. After that, the previous generation of chipsets, which differed from the flagship, primarily in fewer PCIe lanes and the requirement for an additional adapter for CrossFire configurations, had to change the marking.

The first manufacturer to change the name and design of their motherboards was ASUS (the A8R-MVP board is already presented on the company’s website as based on the Xpress 1600). Others will follow shortly, but buyers should not assume that a new product is hiding under the new name – the technical specifications of the ATI Xpress 200 and Xpress 1600 are identical.

Sources: DailyTech, ASUS

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