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Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is a hidden object game that features superb artwork and a storyline that will keep players interesting until the end. In Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows you take on the role of a private detective that is looking into the disappearance of . Feb 12,  · Answers. You don’t HAVE to finish the quest during its period. You will always be able to play it at any time in the future and even earn the artifact. No, you can’t finish a Quest without playing it. A Quest essentially consists of completing an Investigation which, in turn consists of completing a series of Collections associated with a. Apr 21,  · According to an old legend, at the dawn of the ages, the founders of the Pagoda of Legends vowed to keep its existence a secret. Its role in the great order of things is too great to open up the Pagoda to the world. But this didn’t stop the Wind Dragon.


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Unravel the many mysteries of Shadow City as you fight monsters, confront a cult and rid the city of a horrible evil! 70 eerie locations to search. Over quests to complete. collections to piece together. 73 distinctive characters to meet. 15 monsters to battle in mini-games. Play with your friends to fight the evil together! Feb 12,  · Rings of Harmony are entry tokens for the Pagoda of Legends location during the Master of the Storm event that is in progress at this time. Event location entry tokens change each month, but they all can be acquired the same way if it is the current event. Probably the best way is to play any location other than the current ing System: iOS. The Legend of the Hidden City was a South African action adventure series, directed by David Lister, which was broadcast by SABC and SABC2 between 19as two series with a total of 39 episodes.
Mystery of the Pagoda
Mystery of the Pagoda
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