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Aug 20,  · Samsung goes for the full S6 treatment with the Galaxy Note 5 ($ at Amazon), encasing it in a sealed glass-and-metal body with gently curved sides. . Some devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 may support a USB-C to HDMI adapter. MHL If your Android device supports MHL, you can connect an MHL to HDMI adapter to the device, then connect it to the HDMI port on the projector. Note: Make sure if you buy an adapter, it supports to exact version (, , etc.) of MHL required for your device. One stop shop for learning all you need to know about the Note 5 in 20 minutes. More one-off videos to come after this upload. If you have any questions, ple.


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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Jun 03,  · Since the idea of a rectangular glass phone doesn’t impress anyone anymore, the folks behind this new Galaxy Note 5 concept added a projector as an extra. That projector is embedded within the back of the handset and it uses 3LCD technology. The aim is to “convert rooms into cinema theatres”/5(15). The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an Android-based phablet designed, developed, produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Unveiled on 13 August , it is the successor to the Galaxy Note 4 and part of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy Note 5 carries over hardware and software features from the Galaxy S6, including a changed design with a glass backing, improved camera, and .
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