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All 6 Maps (MB) Download Link 2. Deer Hunter – Axis Slaughter Map. How to Install Custom Maps / How to add Custom Maps. Download them,save them to C:\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter \Game\CustomLevels. You may need to create a ” CustomLevels” folder inside the Game Folder. If they are in a zipped for mat, you must unzip them first. Deer Hunter – Custom Map Utes. This is a map i created using atari level editor its a great map with alot of open space. You might also be interested in Deer Hunter – .


Deer hunter 2005 maps.Granddad Lodge – Downloads

Deer Hunter Maps. These maps MAY NOT be added to any other web pages without the express written permission from PCHunterPlus. Central Texas. Xmas Winter Hills. Mars. Star Wars – Return Of The Deer. GrassLands. Brazil Coastal Hunt. Aaskov Denmark (coming soon). Fall Map of Mosquito Lake for the Deer Hunter game. A REAL PLACE, a great fishing lake, and a great whitetail deer hunting place! This is the “FALL” season map of Mosquito Lake even though “PRE-RUT, RUT, & POST RUT are turned on. Most everything (except running water) was jammed packed into this map with the DH editor and is around 47 MB large and is suited for those times when you . DEER HUNTER MAPS. SPIDERS MAPS. Directions for map install. OUR MAPS. More Maps we play. Mr Davis’ Maps are here.
RARE (metal deer solid) and Record bucks – Deer Hunter Tournament

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NEC joins Toshiba and Sony’s 45nm tango

Toshiba Corp. and NEC Electronics Announce Agreement to Jointly Develop 45nm CMOS Processes. As part of the agreement, the companies will carry out the development of technological processes for the production of LSIs (large integrated circuits, LSI) at 45 nm standards on the basis of the Toshiba Advanced Microelectronics Center in Yokohama.

There is evidence that NEC offered Toshiba to join forces in the field of 45nm technologies back in September. However, as the financial statement for the first half of the fiscal year ended September 30 reported a loss of $ 12 billion. yen (about 103 million. dollars), which led to the resignation of the head of NEC, the companies were able to agree only now.

Meanwhile, Toshiba is already collaborating with Sony to develop 45nm technology. Thus, NEC will become the third participant in the research process taking place at the Yokohama TAMC.

It is also worth noting that NEC and Toshiba have so far competed in the field of CMOS processes and advocate slightly different approaches, for example, to create integrated memory: Toshiba uses trench, and NEC uses stacked capacitors.

Both Toshiba and NEC currently manufacture system-on-a-chip chips in a 90nm process. Both claim their readiness to switch to 65-nm norms, but so far they are in no hurry to do it.

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