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Dark souls 3 white screen crash on startup SOLUTION – windows event log service. PSA. The crash is a white screen after launching the game, eventually resulting in a popup saying something like “the application failed to start, click to close”. Event viewer shows “Exception: 0xc”. I’ve been troubleshooting this crash for quite a while and have tried (without exaggeration) every suggestion on the internet apart from reformatting my computer. Jan 04,  · The Dark Souls 3 white screen crash is common to people playing the game on an underpowered PC or if your game is finding some incompatible configurations in your system. Since gaming rigs are so varied, we are going to give you a couple of ways to fix the Dark Souls 3 white screen of death regardless of whether you are getting the white screen with curser or a non Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Oct 01,  · It’s very simpleJust download this fixer* for rar file is SPY .


Dark souls pc white screen.Dark Souls 3 White Screen Crash Fix | GameCMD

Oct 01,  · It’s very simpleJust download this fixer* for rar file is SPY . Jan 26,  · 1) Right-click on your desktop, then open NVIDIA Control Panel. 2) Head to “Manage 3D Settings” > Program Settings > Select Dark Souls (), or add it if it isn’t there. 3) Select the preferred graphics processor for the program: “Integrated Graphics”. Then the game launches properly. Jan 04,  · Adjust the game resolution to below p. This might help if your system is struggling to load the game. Disable SLI and run the game on a single graphics card. Wait for the white screen with cursor and then click the mouse once. This will bring up the spinning/waiting donut.
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