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May 16,  · Crusader Kings II> Workshop > Era [FR]’s Workshop. 39 ratings. Favor Improve This mod adds additional options for favors and AI will use it.-Give a Favor-Offer to join the war (Same Realm)-Ask to join the war (Vassals) If you have any suggestions, post it in the comments so I . May 30,  · A new diplomatic action, Offer Sex for a Favor, available to characters with the Seduction focus. The ability to cash in any favor for sex. Usually not worth it, but if there’s someone you really want to put in his or her place Requirements. Crusader Kings 2 version + Cheri Scripting Library; Conclave DLC Way of Life DLC Luxuria Fantasia. rows · favor_grant Command. favor_grant [character id] This command granits a favor from your Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.


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Jul 16,  · Apr 4, Thursday at #2. Commonblob said: To people that have Leviathan. One of the main things that users on this forum were afraid of when the favor feature was revealed, was having the AI demand ducats or manpower, and being forced to choose between giving up these resources at a possibly crucial moment or taking a. Jan 28,  · Favors outside of council actions can be used to get characters to accept marriage proposals, force them to end plots, and force them to join factions. I don’t think they can be used to force characters to join your plots, so I think you are out of luck in using a favor on the Basileus to join you in a plot to fabricate a claim. Today we deal with the aftermath of our spending spree, and we come up with a bit of a problem as we transition er Kings 2 is a dynastic str.
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