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Music files can be downloaded from your computer to your phone using a USB cable. To access the your music, press the OK key from the Home screen and select Music from the Apps Menu. Page 39 Creating a playlist 1. From the Music screen, press the OK key to select My playlists. 2. AT&T Cingular Flip IV has an old flip-model phone design. The design is very humble and suitable for the flip-phone fan. It doesn’t take too much space, compact, and small enough to be put in the pocket. The compact design makes the phone easy to use even with one hand. You can also use one hand to open the phone, it is that easy. The AT&T Cingular Flip TM IV makes having a flip phone cool. With cutting edge technology equipped to handle your basic everyday communication needs, while providing you with enhanced Google features. Watch YouTube on the go, get directions from Google Maps, and keep it simple with Google Assistant for voice commands/5().


Cingular tiny flip phone.AT&T Cingular Flip IV – Price, Specs & Reviews – AT&T

Call, text and browse the web with this AT&T Prepaid Cingular Flip 2 phone. It has large buttons for easy dialing, while the large display simplifies menu navigation and online browsing. This Cingular flip phone has 4GB of internal storage for saving photos from the 2-megapixel camera and a convenient external display for viewing the time.4/5(). Apr 03,  · My neighbor is cranky because she has had the same flip for a decade. 3g only of course. Tiny, back pocket size. She got a similar message and they sent her an AT&T cingular flip to replace it on Thursday. With sim, as it’s smaller size. The phone . Jun 01,  · Pantech has announced what it claims is the world’s smallest clamshell GSM phone is now on sale in the US, courtesy of North American carrier Cingular. The C was unveiled back in April. It measures just x x cm when closed and weighs just g, Pantech said. Open it up and you’ll see the in, ,colour main display.
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Buying a gaming system maker is Dell’s first step towards AMD?

Leading PC maker is known to acquire Alienware, a deal that analysts believe will be an injection that can revitalize Dell.

The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed, but for Dell the amount will be invisible in any case – last year alone, the company managed to sell 56 billion computers. Doll. Why Dell Needed the Purchase?

The fact is, the source suggests that Dell is targeting the mass market, and the acquisition of Alienware will target a narrow niche – PC game enthusiasts interested in powerful, albeit expensive, systems, often costing about $ 4,000. The market for these machines is growing – in just a year, the volume of orders taken by Alienware increased by 31% to 225 million. Doll. in monetary terms. It is also possible that Dell intends to pave the way into new segments of the corporate and government market: high-performance PCs are in demand not only among gamers, but also, for example, in research organizations.

Dell’s own efforts to reach these niches are not particularly successful. Since 2021, the company has been trying to build a reputation among PC gamers by promoting XPS line systems. But, according to observers, Dell’s reputation, as they say, does not even come close to the reputation that Alienware enjoys in these circles.

At the same time, the fact that Alienware computers use AMD processors did not escape the attention of experts, which means that even nominally, Dell is on the verge of ending the monopoly of Intel chips in its products. Market was quick to react as AMD stock rallied as investors learned of Dell-Alienware deal.

This is not the first example of such a change in price: in early January, when rumors about the possible use of AMD microprocessors in Dell computers became especially active, the stock also rose in value. Later, when rumors were dispelled, the rate dropped slightly again.

Meanwhile, Wall Street analysts remain skeptical. Credit Suisse’s Michael Masdea says Dell’s acquisition does not affect the company’s chances of reaching an agreement with AMD.

Sources: Forbes, AP

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