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Castle Clash new update, was just released on the TW server. There’s some game play of the new game mode, Heroes Trial. Also 2 other add-ons, a base ed. You can try making a base just for hero trials. Basically just make a corner base, but put everything but towers on the opposite end of the map. It’s an autolose vs grizzly, but pd, druid etc will time out their buffs running from one end of the map to the other. The Heroes Trial is a feature similar to Here Be Monsters. It shares the same random unit spawn mechanic. 3, Might is required to enter this deadly contest. One entry generates every six hours, with 6 stored entries total being the maximum. Note: you can refill one chance by using or press.


Castle clash heroes trial.4 Ways to Collect a Lot of Heroes on Castle Clash – wikiHow

Jul 15,  · With Minotaur at 7/9, any hero that walks can be beaten on L12 with consistency. My arena run is about to take a nice jump with a couple new talents added an. 81 rows · Apr 10,  · If you prioritize on Arena in Castle Clash, the column with Arena is more Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Sandseven has a video on the first 2 levels. L1 are level 30 heroes and L2 are level 50 heroes. So based on this, we can assume maybe 20 to 10 level increments with increase in number of spawns Such as in L1 you get like 3 heroes where as L10 is said to have like 36 spawns. level 1.
Heroes Trial
Castle Clash | Heroes Trial

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Source: HKEPC

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