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Instruction. Bug On A Wire is an interesting endless-running game. In Bug On A Wire, you control a bug that runs automatically on the wires. Your task is to overcome the obstacles on the wires and run as far as you can. The longer you run, the higher your score will be. Your enemies in this game are the birds. Email Database,Download Email Database, Email List Free, download email database. Use the arrow keys to jump over the crows and hop from wire to wire. This Flash game was resurrected by Ruffle. We are using Ruffle to emulate our old Flash games, allowing you to play them once again without Flash player. It doesn’t work for every game yet, but we hope to bring back more and more Flash content as Ruffle is further developed.


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Oct 03,  · Bug on a Wire. 0. 0 Votes. Can you guide your bug home safely? Make sure the birds don’t eat him. Walkthrough. Control. Use the arrow keys to play this game. Running And Jumping Adventure Platform Strategy Escape. Grindcraft. Desktop Operating System: Windows, OSX, Linux. Email Database,Download Email Database, Email List Free, download email database. The unedited, non bug-jumping, crow crawing, mosquito buzzing sounds of the actual music from the from the swift file archived here:https://archiv.
Bug On A Wire
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Bug On A Wire
Bug On A Wire – A free Action Game
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