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Apr 25,  · The Axon 7 might be one of the best budget phones available, but it’s not perfect. Here are some common problems users are facing, and a few : Kyree Leary. Jun 14,  · T-Mobile is one of this first carrier to have the Wifi-Calling feature. Well as of today (6/15/16) AT&T has now added that feature to their network as well. So soon all GSM users should be able to enjoy this wonderful option on there android device. A phone made entirely with you (me) in mind! #ZTE #AXON 0. Mar 16,  · ZTE Axon 7 owners, another update is coming your way. ZTE confirmed today that it’s starting to push Android to the Axon 7. This is a big one for Axon 7 owners on T-Mobile because it includes.


Axon 7 wifi calling.Problems with the ZTE Axon 7 and how to fix them – Android Authority

I purchased the Axon 7 (mini) because, as far as I know, it (full size and mini both) is the only phone that can have 2 SIM cards and be enabled for Wi-Fi calling on the T-mobile network, as long as it is updated to Android (nougat). The Wi-Fi calling worked when I tried it in the USA. Jan 27,  · ZTE Axon 7 mini in the news. ZTE Axon 7 Mini receives Android , brings Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile 21 Jun ; ZTE Axon 7 mini can be . Jun 21,  · Also new on the Axon 7 Mini is multi-window, updated emojis, dual-language support, and new support for T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling. To make sure you’re ready for the OTA update when it arrives, make.
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ZTE Axon 7 Mini receives Android , brings Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile – news
IDT begins mass production of components for FB-DIMMs

The first samples of memory modules with full buffering (fully buffered dual in-line memory module, FB-DIMM) were presented to the public for a long time, but the mass production of these products is still in the process of development.

For example, Integrated Device Technology (IDT) announced that it was the first in the industry to mass-market advanced memory buffer (AMB) chips that were tested by Intel.

Installed on FB-DIMMs, AMB chips can increase the speed and memory capacity of servers and workstations.

Recall that the IDT company is known for its developments in the field of memory synchronization circuits. It recently completed a merger with another such chip company, Integrated Circuit Systems. The merger plans became known last fall.

Source: Integrated Device Technology

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