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Jul 02,  · This proves that the new drive is working and that files are synch’ing properly. But, when I try to run the WD Drive Utilities App, I just get the message “attach a supported WD Drive”. Similarly, the WD Backup App fails to see the WD Cloud Home drive. It only offers DropBox as a backup destination. I raised this with WD Support today. This answer explains how to backup files using WD Backup. External USB Storage Online User Guide and Solutions. Direct Attached Storage Online User Guide and Solutions. WD Backup Online User Guide and Solutions. WD Backup Online User Guide for Information, Configuration and Solutions. Theoretical USB Interface Speeds. Aug 27,  · After installing the application, you need to attach a supported WD drive. A compatible drive is automatically detected by WD Security, which displays its /5(48).


Attach a supported wd drive.How to Solve My WD Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows 10?

Mar 22,  · Both WD Discovery and WD Drive Utilities display “Attach a supported WD drive”. The drive appears in File Explorer (Windows 7) and I am able to move data from and to the drive. I obviously would like the drive to appear in WD Drive Utilities as I would like to know if one of the drives is beginning to fail. Jan 17,  · I recently purchased a WD 2TB My Passport Portable external HD, Model # WDBS4BBBK-WESN. The description on Amazon, in the manual, everywhere I’ve looked, describes the benefits of the WD Security and WD Drive Utilities software, yet when I start those apps, I get the “attach a supported drive” message.” (BTW, WD Backup does work.) The WD Backup Drive Helper and WD Drive . Dec 03,  · Brand new WD TB My Passport Ultra. Have installed the software and am trying to run the Security program. When it comes up, it just says “Attach a supported WD drive”. It’s already attached, as drive E. I also have a My Passport drive (not Ultra) as drive F. This is Windows 7, using USB 2. Any idea what’s going wrong? Thanks.
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GCORE products are reminiscent of Alphamosaic’s video processor. The Alphamosaic development also featured a 16-core video-oriented processor. Characteristically, its multi-core nature was hidden from programmers. This is how the GridWare technology used in the gCORE processors, which BCI has already filed for patent, works for. Isolating technical implementation details from software developers, the company believes, will simplify the software development process. The distribution of the load between the cores during operation is assigned to the processor itself.

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Sources: EETimes, Boston Circuits

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