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Mar 05,  · Download Instant VideoXpress for Windows to iMAGE driver. Sign in to add and modify your software. Continue with Facebook Continue with email. By joining Subcategory: Keyboard Drivers. Sep 14,  · Le nouveau boîtier d’acquisition numérique proposé par ADS Tech, l’Instant Video Xpress, est un moyen très simple de convertir des cassettes VHS ou Hi8 en fichiers vidéo numériques. Il. Manufacturer: ADS Tech Video Xpress. Provide secure & responsible electronics recycling through our Tech Dump division. R2 Testing Results: Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse.


Ads tech video xpress.ADSTech VideoXpress Driver – Microsoft Community

Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. ADSTech driver Video Xpress ADSTech Video ADSTech Video Xpress. DOWNLOAD ADSTech Video Xpress Drivers. COMPATIBLE WITH: Windows XP. file size: KB. filename: _v40_ 6 rows · Now you can capture video into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 (VCD, SVCD or DVD) at up to x ( x /5(58). Xpress iPod/PSP Video Converter is a powerful tool that meet all your needs in dealing with the newest enables you to deal with the latest iPod, PSP and iPhone technology and convert your video files to various video formats easily. Xpress iPod/PSP Video Converter is a free powerful tool that meet all your needs in dealing with the newest technology all over the you own an iPod, iPhone or PSP and wonder or want to know how you can watch your movies and videos, .
L’Instant Video Xpress convertit vos vidéos analogiques
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ADS Technologies USBAV-701 User Manual
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L’Instant Video Xpress convertit vos vidéos analogiques
Behringer: new items presented at NAMM2021 go on sale

Behringer Announces In-Store Deliveries of Several New Products Shown At NAMM2021.

DUAL A / B SWITCH AB200 Footswitch

DUAL A / B SWITCH AB200 – versatile compact 2-channel footswitch. Designed to connect to any device with an external control option (guitar amplifier, synthesizer, drum machine, lighting equipment, etc.) Both channels can work in fixed or non-fixed mode:

  • in non-fixed mode, the on / off status changes only for the time the pedal is pressed
  • in fixed mode, the on / off status changes every time the pedal is pressed

LED indicators are provided for visual status control, and several AB200s can be rigidly fastened using the connecting grooves on the side panels. Requires 9V battery to operate.

Ultra-compact passive DI400P and DI600P direct boxes

The ultra-compact DI400P and ULTRA-DI DI600P direct boxes provide direct, impedance and level-matched connection of instruments to amplifiers and mixing consoles. They convert an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal and thereby reduce the influence of interference. High efficiency transformer allows long cables to be used without loss of high frequencies.

Features of DI400P and DI600P:

  • The ability to directly connect a guitar or bass to a mixing console without signal loss caused by impedance mismatch, long cables and mains hum
  • Converts any unbalanced line level signal to balanced
  • Provides impedance and operating level matching for direct connection of instruments to amplifiers or mixers
  • Allows long cables to be used without loss of high frequencies
  • Thru / Out connector to send unbalanced signal to instrumentation amplifier and balanced signal to mixing console
  • Ground Lift switch eliminates mains hum
  • High performance transformer for maximum signal purity
  • Compact, rugged all-metal housing

Concert acoustic systems Eurolive B212 and B215

EUROLIVE B212 and EUROLIVE B215 – two-way compact live loudspeakers expanding the EUROLIVE range.

  • 600 W (EUROLIVE B212) / 800 W (EUROLIVE B215) two-way systems
  • 12 “(EUROLIVE B212) / 15” (EUROLIVE B215) long-throw woofer
  • one.75 “titanium diaphragm compression tweeter
  • Exponential / conical ultra-wide dispersion horn
  • Tweeter overload protection circuit
  • The universal trapezoidal shape of the body allows the installation of the system:
    – on a tripod for 35 mm jack
    – like a floor monitor
  • 2 professional speaker jacks (Neutrik Speakon compatible) and 1/4 ‘jacks
  • Ergonomic handles for easy transport and setup

Ultra-compact 2-channel background suppressor MICROHD HD400

  • Removing network background and noise
  • Ground loop rupture
  • Automatic conversion of single-ended signals to balanced signals
  • Two 1/4 “TRS inputs and outputs for two mono or one stereo signals

Ultra low noise 4-channel line mixer

The device expands the capabilities of a standard mixing console by adding three line inputs. For example, when performing on stage, you can set up a monitor mix for the performer by connecting the MX400 between the console’s monitor buses and an active floor monitor.
Sound transmission is provided by JRC4580 operational amplifiers, which are used in similar rack devices and mixing consoles Behringer.

Ultra-compact 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier

This compact stereo distribution amplifier works with four headphones at the same time, with separate volume control. Sound transmission is provided by the same JRC4580 operational amplifiers. Supplied with a 12-volt mains adapter.

Miniature Processor Series

Ultra-compact 9.5 “wide BEHRINGER Mini processors are designed for studio and stage applications. All MINI models can be stacked to form a compact audio processing system.

The MINIAMP AMP800 4-channel stereo distribution amplifier offers 4 fully independent stereo personal monitoring sections with volume control and 6-segment LED output level meter for each channel. An accurate 6-segment LED meter is also provided to show the signal level on both line inputs.
Two balanced stereo main inputs with separate level and balance controls assignable to all 4 monitor sections. Dual headphone outputs on each channel on the front and rear panel allow simultaneous connection of up to eight pairs of headphones. Parallel link output allows multiple distribution amplifiers to be cascaded.

MINIMON MON800 – monitor matrix stereo mixer for studio and live work.


  • Input section with four selectable stereo inputs
  • 6-segment output level meter for visual control
  • headphone output with separate volume control
  • 3 selectable stereo monitor outputs with separate volume controls for optimal control
  • professional Mute, Dim and Mono functions for checking mono compatibility
  • Talkback section with built-in microphone and signal routing control.

MINIMIX MIX800 – Karaoke Processor with Voice Canceller and Effects.

Voice Canceller removes vocals from any stereo source. Built-in digital (24-bit / 40 kHz) processor with echo and reverb algorithms. 2 independent mic channels with level controls and peak meters for fine tuning. Dedicated 2-band EQ, 6-segment LED meter. Linear stereo inputs / outputs allow connection of CD players, MP3 players and other similar equipment.

MINIBEAT BEAT800 – Dual BPM Counter with Built-in Turntable Preamps.

The device is equipped with two independent BPM-counters with a rhythm sync indicator and two preamplifiers for turntables. 6-segment LED indicator provides visual control of signal strength. User-friendly interface with illuminated buttons makes it easy to work in darkened environments, while low-noise operational amplifiers ensure high sound quality.

MINIFBQ FBQ800 – Graphic 9-Band Equalizer with FBQ System.

FBQ feedback detection system recognizes critical frequencies and can also be used as a spectrum analyzer. An additional low-cut filter removes mechanical noise, stage hum, etc. from the signal. Six-segment I / O meters and level control provide visual control and level adjustment. User-friendly interface with illuminated buttons makes it easy to work in darkened environments, while low-noise operational amplifiers ensure high sound quality.

More information about these and other new products can be found on the website http: // / index.cfm?lang = RUS.

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